Office of Civil Rights Compliance

The Office of Civil Rights Compliance (OCRC) works to ensure equal opportunity in education and employment for our faculty, staff and students and to assure compliance with Title VII, Title IX, the ADAAA and other civil rights-based legislation. 

OCRC is responsible for handling reports of discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct and for providing supportive measures, resources and options to impacted individuals. 

Additionally, OCRC oversees sexual assault and harassment prevention and education efforts on campus, conducts climate surveys, reviews search processes, and prepares the annual Affirmative Action Plan and related workforce analysis reports.

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OCRC Functions

Whether it's through education or the handling of reports, the work of the Office of Civil Rights Compliance on campus and in the community focuses on these important themes:

  • Discrimination, Harassment, & Sexual Misconduct
  • Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity
  • Prevention & EducationGreen Dot Logo